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Angel Manuel Maisonet

He was caring and loving to everyone who met him. To have him in your life is the biggest blessing. His love, smile, and laugh will truly be missed.

Efrain Martinez

We were together together for a Total of 38 Years he was a very Special unique and Caring he Loved to help everyone in need, he was a Good Partner and husband over all he was a Good father to all his 4 Stepchildren and Grandchildren he made sure he called them every single and his Family and my family to make sure everyone was Ok, He served the Lord with all his heart Covid took him from us on April 14,2020 He died alone without his family without me and I and we miss him every Single Day that pases He wasn’t a Perfect man but he tried every day to be Better and he Loved his Family and Everyone May He R.I.P.

Sylvia Lyons

We worked together for over 15 yrs and she had a great soul. She is going to be missed by so many.

Gladys Barcelo Betancourt

My Grandmother is an Icon and an inspiration to many who lived in E. Robert Moore Houses and who frequented her famous gym, The Jerome Boxing Club! for many years, Jerome Boxing Club kept so many kids and adults off the streets and was a prop and backdrop for many shows and movies. My Grandmother exhibited class and tenacity whilst she also had a huge heart and was a huge philanthropic lady who gave back to many parts of the communities in the South Bronx. She was well known as an activist by Reps Serrano, Antonetty, Ruben Diaz Sr. and so many more Politicians, as well as celebrities/Well known Boxers/Boxing aficionados like Mike Tyson, Boxing Ring Announcers and Owners especially because she Hosted so many Boxing competitions including Amateur Boxing’s Golden Gloves. As the matriarch of our family she taught us many great life lessons and how to be a leader and out our beat feet forward when seeking to accomplish our goals as a family and mostly as individuals! She is sorely missed and may she SIEP until we meet again.

Carmen Calderon Quintana

Carmen Calderon Quintana, March 13th, 1930 – April 14th, 2020. “Carmelita” was a caring and giving person. She was a woman of strong faith and belief. She loved a good laugh and telling jokes, albeit dirty jokes. She loved music and dancing and was known to do the occasional dance on tables during the holidays. From her time as a physician’s assistant to her days helping raise her grandchildren and great-granchildren, Carmelita was always there for family, friends, and even strangers in need. Whether it was a place to sleep, a “plato de comida” or a “taza de cafe” mom’s door was open. She will be sorely missed but remembered with all the love, joy, and happiness she gave to us all. Te queremos mucho Mami!

Ramon Reyes and Eugenio Reyes

My dad was a loving and caring person. Loved by all he came across. My uncle (his brother) was also a very loving and beautiful soul. Always very welcoming to all.

Edith Robinson

Born September 15th, 1942, she was a mother a sister a grandmother a great grandmother our friend a deacon and a loved member of unity Fellowship Church New York City she was born and raised in Harlem had her children and Harlem and then move to the Bronx some number of years ago and died in the Bronx of Covid-19, April 14th, 2020.

Karen Felton

Karen was a beautiful person, caring and loving especially for her sister and her nieces and nephews. We did a spiritual journey together to Cuba with her church Bethel Assembly and it was such a blessing to the people there that many of them just wailed. As a colleague with Children’s Services she would serve the community well. She had a beautiful voice but only sang for the lord. I did get a chance to say goodbye but I know she is walking with the angels in heaven.

Florinda Carreras and Angel Rivera

My parents were loving people who only wanted to give their children and grandchildren the best life possible. They loved each other deeply in this life time and the next.

Betty Jo Ortiz

My cousin Betty Jo passed of Covid in April 0f 2020. She is greatly missed by her children, siblings, family members and friends. She was a health care worker, had a big heart, and loved her family.

Julio Mireles

He was the best husband, Father and a great human being .
My best friend, my protector and caretaker.
37 years together. Passed away from Covid December 11,2020. We missing him so much.

Frank Amato

He is a hero to Community Board 5 in the Bronx.

Ana L. Ortiz

She was my mother and my friend. We lived in each other pocket after the father of my father in 2010. My mother was warm smiles and helping hands. She was beloved by her friends and her family and her passing from this disease has left a hole in our lives.

Maria R. Colón

Maria Colón is survived by her husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter and many grandchildren and great-grands. Titi Mayito as her nieces and nephews knew her was almost 96 years old, and was the last of 9 siblings of the Colón Blanco family from Barranquitas, PR. Titi Mayito worked for the ILGWU and was known for her magic at the sewing machine. She took care of most of the kids in the family at one time or another. She was our family’s treasure, and died at the Bronx Rehabilitation and Nursing Center a week after her family was assured that she was fine. Family received no face time call, no good bye, just a call after she had died. Adios con el Corazón!

Cesar A. Morales Sr.

My father Cesar Morales passed on April 15, 2020, a caring father, very special person, always helped those who needed a helping hand, a Patriarch who devoted himself to bring the entire family to live with him here in the Bronx, a hero of his native Dominican Republic.

Michelle Burrell

My mom was my best friend, my protector and my inspiration all in one I looked up to her and everything she’s ever done for me

Rafael Arciniegas

My father was a man of perseverance who tirelessly worked as a taxi driver to care for his family. He helped bring his mother, siblings and in-laws from the Dominican Republic so that they could have more opportunities. His strength, intelligence, wisdom and spirituality will live on through his children and grandchildren. Te adoramos, papi.

Lorenzo Jacques Thaggard

Lorenzo Jacques Thaggard was born on December 31, 1960 to Barbara Thaggard Belchie and Tommy Cortez. He departed April 18, 2020. He was a native of NYC, a US Army veteran and a retired Social Worker of the City of NY Dept of Human Resources and Social Services where he served for over 20 years. He will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

Daniel M. Garcia

Daniel M. Garcia, native of The Bronx (born at the old Lincoln Hospital!), was educated in the NYC public school system. After high school graduation, Danny left New York to attend the University of South Florida where he majored in Education with a minor concentration in Spanish.  Returning to New York City, Danny worked in private industry, but he soon realized that his true calling was in the field of education.  He began his career at IS 52 in The Bronx, where he stayed from 1973 to 1980—achieving an even greater benefit: meeting his future wife, Bertha, introduced to him by her parents. It is important to acknowledge that three great sons were born to Danny and Bertha as he progressed through his career in education from IS 52 to coordinating the  Bilingual Education Program for elementary schools in District 8 to assuming role of IS 74 Assistant Principal to finding his home at PS 130, becoming Assistant Principal and then being promoted to Principal, the position from which he retired in 2007. However, retirement was not really an option for Danny as he accepted the role of Staff Developer for the Icahn Charter Schools in 2008, then Principal of Icahn Charter School 1 and, ultimately, the role of Deputy Superintendent of Icahn Charter Schools in 2012.  A wonderful career achievement surpassed only by the gaining of a daughter when his oldest son married Stephanie and the couple later blessed Danny and Bertha with a beautiful grandson, Daniel!

Let’s give PS 130 the name of a true leader with whom the students and all of the surrounding community can identify!

Sofia Nereida Vargas Collazo

My mother was my rock, my best friend, and I lost her unfairly to COVID19. I miss her so much every single day. As I go on, I will continue to honor her in being a strong woman just like she was in her life.

Maria Teresa Sanguinetti

Our mother and our children’s Nana was such a strong woman. She fought so hard to try and beat her cancer and her tumor for so many years. She never gave up, even though she wanted to, but she never gave up. We miss you mom and Nana!

Jose Ramos

We looked up to you and admire the life you gave to us. Thank you for all your struggles. Love u dad

Jorge Castro Cancho

Working hard husband has lot of dreams . Good father good provider .. very determined when he wanted something . we all missed him and love him .. he die February 17 2022 . He was doing also HES paper . HES was working since he was 15 year old in here in the Bronx to soon gone at age of 47 years old.

Leónides De Jesus

Leónides was a family man! He lived for his wife, and children. He moved from Puerto Rico to New York to give his family and himself a better opportunity at life! Leónides spent many years selling food, and flowers outside so he could provide for his family. He was their rock! Leónides always thought about others before himself. You could never leave his home before eating a plate of food. All Leónides ever wanted was to have his family together. Leónides sadly was taken away from us too soon and with out his family by his side. We love and miss him terribly and would love to commemorate the man that gave his family so much, and more!

Frances R. Rudland

Sadly on the early morning of Monday, April 20, 2020, Frances R. Rudland was called up to be with her Lord and Savior. A beautiful soul who brought a smile to the face of everyone she came into contact with, she will be missed dearly by her spoiled pups Cash and Cinnamon, her devoted son Joseph, sister Eleanor, her several “adopted” children, friends, family and fiancé/partner of 21 years, Bob.

Edward Charles

My dad loved life and lived it, with many funny memories some sad but with love. I will surely miss him gone too soon.

Abigail Rivera

My mother was a warm and giving person. She would go out of her way to help anyone.

Deacon Ralph Johnson Sunrise

Deacon Ralph Johnson Sunrise 11/29/61 Sunset 3/31/20, Ralph aka “Ralphy” was born and raised and educated in the Bronx.  Ralph graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School.  Ralphy, alongside of his twin sister Regina Johnson, was born to the late Mrs. Caroline Jean Shivers and Mr. Johnny Ralph Shivers.  Deacon Ralph Johnson is the 6th sibling out of ten children.  He served faithfully at the Carolina Baptist Church alongside his wife Deaconess Rosetta Johnson.  Deacon Ralph Johnson loved God with all of his heart, soul and mind and he loved his neighbors as himself.  Ralphy was a humble, kind-hearted, humorous man, who always had a smile and a kind word of encourage for everyone who he came in contact with.  He was a hard worker, who labored on his job for 35 years, until he entered into his eternal rest.  Ralphy was the anchor of his family and he will never be forgotten, but will be sorely missed by his loving wife, son, daughter, six sisters, one brother, hosts of brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, great nieces, nephews, great nephews, and friends.

Lucius Ewan

My father died from COVID-19 related illnesses at 10:51 PM on March 25, 2020. He was 82 years old.  He was born and raised in Jamaica and resided  in the Bronx for over 50 years. He was a legal resident for many years and we filed his citizenship papers one week before he died. He had a gentle and peaceful spirit.

May he Rest In Peace.

Alfred Schwartz

He was my My Father, My Dad, My friend. He took what was thrown at him and kept fighting. He grew up right alongside his most favorite place – Yankee Stadium where he was honored on the greatest field for his service in WWll in 2018. My Dad cracked jokes with that dry sense of humor, always had a quirky smile and he loved his family, his greatest accomplishment he would say. He reunited with my mom on April 8th, 2020, and for that I find comfort.

Juan “Miñoso” Araujo

“Juan “Miñoso” Araujo, my dad, was the best example of a human being I have ever known. I will miss my super hero. He was loved and respected by everyone he came across. I’ll miss hearing his stories of when he 1st rode the train, not knowing any english, heading to the Bx in the late 1960s, on the IRT E.180″  Te Queremos. R.I.P. Papi, Joanne Araujo, Juan A., and mami Carmen Rosa.”

Ali Shaibi

Ali Shaibi passed away in the Bronx due to COVID-19 on April 7, 2020, at the age of 65. Mr. Shaibi was born in South Yemen immigrated to the United States in 1972 and moved to the Bronx in 1978. He leaves behind 10 children and 34 grandchildren. He was loved by the entire community and will be missed greatly.

Duane Edward Stewart

Father of 3 beautiful Daughters, 2 grand children and a host of family and friends who loved him dearly. EBUDDDDY!!!!

Philip Foglia

Philip Foglia, a long time friend to many, was always connecting history to real life. He was a great at all he endeavored, whether as a son, husband, father, friend, lawyer, and Italian American. Family was his top priority and is his real legacy.

Maria Mercedes Millan

My grandmother was one of the strongest women I have ever known and I am grateful to say she raised me. She has gone through so much in her life, that she deserves to be recognized and remembered. She was my entire world and more. I miss her dearly, but I’m happy to know she is at peace and reunited with my father / grandfather Julio Millan

A photograph of William Hooper

William Hooper

He was the love of my life, we were married 45 years. We had 3 children, Jarell, Sheronda and Steven. Two grandsons, Jo’Sean and J’Adore. He loved all of his family and was a respected role model in the community, and he served with the Marines in the Vietnam War and was awarded three Purple Hearts.

Juan Rivera

My uncle, was the absolute best uncle anyone can ask for. He never judged us, and always had our backs. He’s more than a uncle, he’s another dad. My daughter even calls him grandpa. Today is his birthday, and It feels so weird not to call him and wish him a happy birthday. We miss him every day. Love you, TIO JUAN!

Mario A. Campos

He was my father. He was my go to when I needed advice. He would listen and not judge. He was a person that had faults and problems but would still have a smile and a kind word.

Alex and Lorean McCaskey

My Father and Mother in law were very special people to me and others. They were servants of God, always available to all in need. To have lost one, was devastating but both within a month and half of each other, has left a heart ache that is unimaginable. The McCaskey family are just numb. Love and miss you Dad & Mom, forever in my heart.

Rosa Serrano

My mom Loss her life to Covid April 10, 2020. She was a very special mom. As a single mom who raise 10 children and adopted 3. Due to domestic violence to did this on her own. She put us all through Catholic school in St Pius and volunteer for years in the lunch room. She put us all through college. My mom sacrificed so much so we could have a good life. My mom was our anchor and we are all a very close family. My mom in her 80 still was able to cook for all 57 of us her daughters, sons, grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren. She leaves behind all of us with a broken heart. We will always love her and miss her

Robert Patterson

My Dad was so special just because he was my Dad. The only one I will ever have. He loved me and loved everyone. I miss him so much.

Mabia Khatun

She was our great mother and will be as always. She left 5 sons & one daughter and raised us with good moral character. She was always behind us to educate us. Suddenly COVID-19 came and took away our mother with in 10 hours which was very unfortunate for us. There is no alternative way to recover her place. We can not forget her sacrifices for us. We will always owe to my mother. May Allah keep her in his highest Jannah.

Debra Ferrari

My sister was the most loving and generous person to all who knew her. She left a big void in so many lives especially mine, my husband, my kids and my nephew. 💔

Lucy Quesada (Mama)

My mother Luz “Mama” Quesada was someone special to everyone who came across her. She played an important role in our family as someone who kept us all together, making all birthdays and holidays special. She was loved by those in her neighborhood and always went out of her way to make sure everyone was taken care of. She was the life of the party, a hero to all, and there was never dull moment with her around. 1725 will never be the same without you. You will be missed by many and will always be loved.

She was my neighbor for 27 years and she was my walking partner. Rest in peace (mama), as we all remember you by.

Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez, 64-year-old Dominican immigrant who dedicated his life to working and providing love and support to his family. An excellent cook, a honest, humble and serious man. Loved by his wife of 36 years and his 3 children. He will be missed for ever by his family and friends. RIP papi

Enrique Rivera Rivera

My father was special to me because he had a heart of gold. He worked for A.E.C.O.M. as a mental health therapist for over 30 years. He would cook with my mom for the patients and coworkers. He would have people come and perform for the patients. He was a great father, grandfather and great grandfather. My siblings feel the same way I feel about him. Even though he’s in a better place and it hurts that he’s no longer here in the physical world, we’re grateful that we as a family have wonderful memories of the moments we spent with him. There are times that I see pictures and videos in Google photos pop up or listen to his jibaro music and I cry because I miss his voice, laughter or just spending time with him in Kings Harbor. He ascended into Heaven March 29, 2020. It hurt us not to be able to be with him as he went with the Lord and our loved ones.

Maria Mercedes Rosario

My mom, my hero. My mom was a retired special education paraprofessional for 16 years. I miss you.

Simon Wolsey George

The best husband one would’ve wanted. Family oriented. Love of his entire extended family. Ready to help anyone in need no matter who they are.

Betty Figueroa

My grandmother was one of the most strongest independent women that I know. She lost her life to Covid unfairly & without goodbyes from her loved ones. She deserves to be recognized for the beautiful person that she was. She had a big heart & she was loved by many. She’s physically gone but she will never be forgotten. 🙏🏼

Ana Trinidad Valerio

Born 4/1/1955; Passed 4/4/2020. “When a mother leaves, something of you goes with her, because there is nothing comparable to a mother. A warrior woman who was a great example of life; you were an oak of a woman, fighter, happy, and fantastic. A woman who made a difference. Loved by many and remembered by all. We will always carry you in our hearts.”

“Cuando una madre se va, algo de ti se va con ella, porque no hay nada comparable a una madre. Mujer guerrera que era un gran ejemplo de vida; fuiste un roble de mujer, luchadora, alegre, y fantastica. Mujer que marco la diferencia. Querida por muchos y recordada por todos. Te llevaremos siempre en nuestros corazones.”

Jose Anibal Guzman

My dad was one of the strongest and kindest people I have known. He always stood up and fought for what was right and had a way of capturing everyone’s attention when telling stories of his youth. He’d always find a way to help those in need, like the saying goes, giving the the shirt off his back. He was funny and so full of knowledge and history. I wish I could have had more time. I miss him so much. Life is not and will never be the same without him.

Millie Torres

She was a good friend, and we studied at Monroe College together.

Eduardo Antonio Becerril

He was the love of my life. A loving father, son uncle, grandfather, brother and friend. He was so special to many people. He was a staple in the community because he provide automotive services for more then 25 years in the Bronx. Everyone I come across say that he was a good man and recall either how they met or a memory. Hearing that warms my heart because I know he was special not only to me but to others.

Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera “Boyie” was a son, brother, nephew, cousin, teacher and friend. On March 30, 2020, he passed away due to Covid19 at the age of 25. We miss and love him.

Dennis Cerrato

My Uncle (my mom’s brother) was very special to us. He was living in St. Patrick’s Nursing home prior to him passing away of COVID-19 on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. He loved to sing with his group. His famous phrase was “pass the jelly” when he walked into a room. He always smiled and cared so much for everyone. He loved having all different types of cologne so you always knew when he was around. We all wish we could have had a little more time with him but thankfully we were able to FaceTime him. I can still hear his last words to me “I love you very much.” We miss him very much and love him dearly.

Willie Anderson

Willie Anderson was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He serviced in Vietnam as a Sergeant in the United States Army. He was also a successful businessman. He loved to travel and entertain. He will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Olga Garcia

My grandmother was my world, Grandma helped everyone and cared for everyone. Grandma was the first one to help a person in need whether she had it or not. Family meant everything to her.

Antonia Diaz

She was my aunt and I loved her dearly. She lived in a nursing home when she got Covid. We couldn’t be there with her when she got sick nor when she died. It was very sad and heartbreaking.

Willamae Wilson-Morris

Queen and confidante of the family

Who is deeply loved and respected

Will be greatly missed throughout the family

-Morris Family

Hugh Freyer

Hugh Freyer was born and raised in New York. He and his wife raised their 3 children in Riverdale. Hugh was a dedicated member of AA for over 50 years and part of a weekly sober poker game in the Bronx for over 30 years. He loved every New York and wearing his many New York sports team baseball caps made him happy especially when he was traveling outside the state. He has 7 grandchildren who he adored and loved to talk about. He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Patricia Harriet Jackson

My best friend, and only Sister, died of Covid-19 related issues at Einstein on April 7, 2020.

Patricia Harriet Jackson was a lifelong resident of the Bronx; she attended PS 31, and Clarke Junior High School in the So. Bronx, and then completed her education at Walton High School, City College, Hostos and Lehman College.

Ms. Pat, or “Momma Condom,” worked as a HIV/AIDS Educator at Montefiore Adolescent AIDS Program up until her retirement in 2018.

She leaves to mourn her son, Damian, his wife Rachel, and grandchildren, her devoted brother Charles, the “Village”, as well as a host of friends, families and “adopted” children across the Bronx, and New York City.