A portrait of chief-of-staff Justin Cortes

Justin Cortes

Chief of Staff

Justin Cortes is an accomplished professional and Chief of Staff, recognized for his exceptional work ethic and unwavering commitment to public service. Born and raised in the vibrant West Bronx, he discovered his passion for the arts early on, propelling him through his academic journey. He graduated from The High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, followed by an Associate degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College and a Bachelor of Arts from CUNY City College of New York.

Justin’s path to success was not a linear one. Along the way, he actively sought opportunities to give back to his community, volunteering at local food pantries, participating in missionary trips, and engaging with his local community board and precinct. His interest in political science grew, fueling his desire to create real change at the grassroots level and bring resources to the Bronx.

After completing his Associate’s degree, Justin gained valuable experience as the Director of Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line, overseeing a team and living at sea. Later, he joined Citibank as a financial advisor, assisting residents and businesses in accessing loan opportunities, managing credit, and understanding the importance of saving and investing.

In 2015, Justin started volunteering for then-Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson, eventually joining her staff as a Community Constituent Liaison. Recognized for his exceptional skills, he was promoted to Director of Budget, advocating for marginalized groups and providing them with access to capital and programmatic opportunities. Impressed by his dedication and abilities, Council Member Gibson promoted him to Chief of Staff, where he oversaw a team committed to addressing the needs of the Bronx.

Now, as Chief of Staff to the Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson, Justin takes pride in fostering positive relationships with non-profits and corporations to bring essential resources to the Bronx. He views his role as an opportunity to empower underrepresented communities and drive meaningful change, preserving institutional knowledge while embracing new ideas and development.

Inspired by Borough President Gibson’s exceptional guidance, Justin embodies a transformative brand of leadership. Always accessible and devoted to serving the Office and the Bronx community, his unwavering commitment fuels positive impact. Justin credits his remarkable character to the Borough President Gibson’s mentorship and support.

His dedication to public service and unwavering integrity stands as a testament to Justin’s own transformative leadership. He tirelessly strives to drive progress and prosperity in the Bronx, inspiring others to make a difference. With Borough President Gibson’s guidance and Justin’s enthusiasm, their shared vision continues to propel the borough forward, creating a brighter future for all.