The primary responsibility of the Bronx Topographic Bureau is to maintain the Borough Map, furnish copies of the Map, and relate data to City agencies and the general public. Per New York City Charter the Bronx Topographic Bureau consist of a Topographic Planner and Borough Engineer.

Contact & Hours


M-Th 9:30 am to 1:00 pm


851 Grand Concourse, Room 206, Bronx, NY 10451

For all House Number Verification, Inquiries, and Mapping-Related requests:

Directory :

Jaden Vazquez
Phone: (718)-590-3047
Senior Planner – Topography

Max Spiegel
Phone: (718) 590-3823
Planner – Topography

Dan Donovan
Topographic Consultant

Juton M. Horstman
Phone: (718) 590-3514

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Map Collections

The Topographic Bureau houses a large map library featuring maps of many different types. All maps are available to the public for reference and/or reproduction at our Topography Desk. Charges apply for photocopies; prices can be found above.

In addition, we provide visual access to our three most commonly referenced map collections online. To view unprintable PDFs of section maps from the following collections, please click the appropriate link:

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Description of Services

House Number Verification

Step 1:  Filling out the Application Form:

While filling out the application, please keep the following pointers in mind:

 Applicant Information

  • Developer/Owner: List the name of the applicant(s). LLCs/HDFCs will not be accepted.
  • Architect: List the name of the Architect in this field.

Property Location

  • Block #: List a single Block number for each Address application. In case you are requesting multiple addresses on more than one block, each new block/lot requires a fresh application.
  • Final Lot #: List the final lot # in this field. In case of multiple addresses on multiple lots, addresses on separate lots require a fresh application, while multiple addresses on a single lot may be applied for via a single application.
  • In case of lot mergers requiring an RP-602, list the final lot # provided after the merger & enclose the RP-602 in the address package.

Project Description

  • Land Use: Ensure that the value listed under the “Total” field is a sum of all the values listed under “Residential”, “Commercial”, “Institutional” & “Vacant”.
  • Building Classification: Please refer to the list of building classifications on the Department of Finance’s website. You may follow the following link for the full list:
  • Development Cost: Be sure to include all the total costs of construction including all hard and soft costs.
  • Construction Dates List the intended construction dates here rather than past construction dates.

Site Diagram

  • On the second page of the application please include a site depicting only the information listed on the 6 steps listed on the page.
    • Block and Lot Numbers: Ensure that the block and lot numbers are clearly listed on or alongside the site diagram. Ensure that the numbers are clear and legible.
    • Location of main entrance(s): Ensure that the locations of each entrance for which an address is requested are clearly marked and legible. Ensure that the abutting street name is clearly printed on the site diagram.

Step 2: Payment Instructions:

  • We only accept postal money orders and certified bank checks.
  • Checks or money orders MUST be made out to “NYC Department of Finance”. If they are not, we are unable to accept them.
  • Please include Block, Lot, Architect and Developer on the payment.
  • Please include the applicant’s contact information.
  • Payments should be mailed or dropped off to: Office of the Bronx Borough President
    c/o Topographic Bureau
    851 Grand Concourse
    Room 206
    Bronx, NY 10451

Upon receipt of the payment, your request will be processed with a turnover of approximately two weeks.

Step 3: Sending Applications:

Please Send All Applications to

Applications may also be submitted in person at our office.

              All Applications must include:
  1. Completed Topographic Address Application.
  2. Form PD1, available for download on the Department of Buildings website (Only needed if the application is for a new building).
  3. Form PW1, available for download on the Department of Buildings website.
  4. In the case where lots are being merged or split, please include the form RP-602, available for download on the Department of Finance website.
  5. It is helpful to include the receipt for the delivery service that you have opted to use.
  6. Please note: The charge for vanity address is $2,500. A Vanity Address is a unique address that deviates from the existing street name and number system, typically related to the name of the project, location, or a nearby structure.


Structuring Email:

      Subject line:

  • Include Block and Lot numbers in the subject line.
  • Include the full preferred address/addresses in the subject line. Addresses listed in the subject line are not guaranteed to be assigned,

      Sample subject line: “B: 3108 L: 1, Developer name, Owner name, 2046 Mapes Ave BX.”



  • Please use a single email thread for each new application. Additionally, create a separate email thread when sending in each new address application (pertaining to a new Block and Lot Number).
  • If more than one address is being requested for the same block and different lots, pertaining to the same project or development, you may use a single thread for correspondence. However, a separate application fee of $100 will be required for each new address on a separate lot.
  • Include in brief a description of the case in the email. Additionally, if a suffix is required such as “2046 A” or “2046 GAR” please include this information.
  • Clearly state the number of addresses you are requesting for each new application and indicate these on the corresponding site diagram and on the PD1 form.

Other Services

Street Status Requests:

The Bureau of Topography maintains and provides access to the following records related to the legal status of streets in The Bronx.

Official street status letter requests can be made at $250 per address

Please send an email of the request to:

Be sure to include in the Subject Line “Request for Legal Status: <Name of Street(s)>.

In the body of the email be sure to include the context behind the street status request and any additional relevant information.

We only accept postal money orders and certified bank checks made out to “NYC Department of Finance”. Please include the street name and contact information on the payment. These should be mailed or dropped off to:

    • Office of the Bronx Borough President
      c/o Topographic Bureau
      851 Grand Concourse
      Room 206
      Bronx, NY 10451

Upon receiving the payment, we will begin processing your request.

Click Here to Print Application Form.