The Education & Youth Services Unit centers schools, students, families and providers by facilitating partnerships, and maintaining strong relationships with school administrations and parent leaders to direct resources and amplify opportunities for youth in the community. Internship opportunities are available through partnerships with local organizations, and higher ed and workforce development institutions. Our goal is to ensure Bronx youth are provided with pathways into college and career and equipped with the tools they need to thrive because we know great things come from The Bronx.

About the Office

The Bronx is one of the most dynamic and diverse boroughs in New York City, and the Bronx Borough President is its chief elected official. The Bronx is currently experiencing a dramatic resurgence in economic development, affordable housing, and employment. The Borough President works with the Mayor to prepare the annual executive budget submitted to the City Council, reviews and comments on major land use projects, proposes sites for City facilities within his jurisdiction, and develops strategic planning for the economic development of the borough. The Borough President also monitors the administration of City services and works with constituents and local organizations in order to meet the needs of Bronx residents.

Youth Initiatives

Youth Honorees

The Bronx Borough President’s Office hosts a series of events throughout the year to celebrate the culture and diversity of the Bronx. Borough President Gibson is committed to celebrating youth leadership and advocacy by including a youth honoree at every cultural celebration. Youth will be honored for their accomplishments while celebrating their heritage and receive a certificate presented by the Borough President during the program.

Youth honorees are usually High School seniors or juniors who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, academic accomplishments or community service and advocacy efforts.

Please use the form below to nominate a Bronx Scholar as an honoree for any of our upcoming events:


Bronx Youth Council

The Bronx Youth Council, comprised of HS Sophomores and Juniors from across the Bronx, will encourage civic engagement, and create transparency around local government institutions and pathways into government and advocacy. The Bronx Youth Council creates avenues for youth to act as part of an advisory body to the Office of the Bronx Borough President and develop into peer leaders and advocates for change in their own communities.

The Bronx Youth Council is a youth lead initiative, and the inaugural cohort will support in creating the foundation for the program and the blueprint for youth participation in the Bronx identifying their mission statement, and goals for the council and providing input on short-term and long-term projects throughout the office to gain an understanding of the BPO and local government.

Internship Opportunities

The Borough President’s Office works with various partners to provide opportunities for high school and college students to work alongside the various departments within our office. BPO Interns are given firsthand experience in the agency working side by side with staff at every level and assigned short-term and long-term projects that directly contribute to the work of the administration.

Internships with the Bronx Borough President’s Office

Internship opportunities are available throughout the office with focuses on the advocacy, policy, and community outreach work of the agency. Interns are assigned to Communications, Health, Policy, Community Affairs or other units based on coursework, interest, or program.

Interested parties can reach out to our Education & Youth Services Unit


Nereida Gomez
Education & Youth Services Liaison

Youth Directory  

The Bronx is full of resources many people may not know about. We’ve curated a list of resources and allocated them in one place for easy access. Below, we have information teens, young adults, and possibly even adults may want to look into. From cultural institutions to mental health hotlines, this list of services may be of help to one in times of crisis or anytime.  

Pools/Parks and Recreation Centers  

Most of these pools have recreation centers, so make sure you look through the centers’ facilities. Many centers have soccer fields, Wi-Fi- hotspots, basketball courts, and many more.  


The Bronx has a total of 35 public libraries, 5 of which have teen centers. Explore the many libraries near you and look through the events they hold for children, teens, and adults. Visit the NYPL website for more information on events.  

Cultural Institutions  

The Bronx has so much to offer. We have the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Museums, and Historical Houses. These locations span across The Bronx many of which are free to visit.  

NYS Resources 

Learners Permit 

Application for learners permit test which can be taken online. After you pass, with a visit to the DMV, a learner’s permit card will be mailed to you. 


Application to getting an NYS ID. 


Register to Vote in NYS. At 16-17, you may preregister but not vote until you turn 18.  

Additional Resources   

A Guide to Minor’s Rights in NYS 

A Guide youth can use to know their rights within this state.  

Bronx Youth Center/ The Door 

The center provides the youth with employment opportunities, counseling, housing, and more. 


A summer program that places teens and young adults in work sites, giving them a chance to gain experience and something to do in the summer. 

Work Learn Grow 

Offers students ages 16-19 work experience year-round to explore careers and strengthen work readiness skills. 

Domestic/Sexual Violence 

Bronx County District Attorney Crime Victims Assistance Unit 

By Phone: (800) 862-2637 

The Bronx DA has a special victims division that focuses on cases of child abuse, sex crimes, domestic Violence, and human trafficking.  

National Domestic Violence Hotline/ Safe Horizon 

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-621-HOPE
Crime Victims Hotline: 1-866-689-HELP
Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline: 212-227-3000 

Provides support regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, legal & court, counseling, and more.   

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center 

Agency Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm 

By Phone: (718) 884-0700
After hours: (718) 884-0700 x100
Certified Rape Crisis Program. Offers services such as assistance with filing a police report, hospital exams, pregnancy testing, finding resources, and more.  

Violence Intervention Program (VIP Mujeres) 

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am-11 pm 

By Phone: (800) 664-5880
Bilingual (English & Spanish) Domestic Violence helpline. Also provides a safe place in times of crisis, and a non-residential counseling program.  

National Sexual Assault Hotline 


24/7 Support. The website also offers additional resources including chat hotlines.  

Bronx Child Trauma Support 

This program works with children ages 3-15 who have been witnesses to or victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, homicide, or community violence.  

Sexual Assault Information for Teens 

A guide and answers to questions teens may have regarding sexual assault.  


Runaway & Homeless Youth 

Places for the youth to go when they have nowhere to go including drop-in centers and transitional independent living programs. 

One Degree 

A database where you can find free, life-improving resources in any area. Resources such as housing, education, health, employment, etc.    

Crisis Services Programs  

Lists of emergency shelters that serve young people with short-term housing and possibly long-term placements.  

Covenant House 

Youth Homeless Shelter with services such as meals, clothing, warm bed, mental health care, case management, and more.  

Mental Health 

NYC Well 

By Text: Text WELL to 65173 

By Phone: (888) 692-9355 

A 24/7 helpline where you could get help regarding drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, insomnia, schizophrenia, anger management, and much more. 

Mental Health and Wellness Information 

Resources anyone could use to help cope and resources on the next steps. 

Health Care for Teens 

Teens are welcome to any of these health centers where they could get many services at no cost and confidentially.  


Summer Meals 

A list of schools in the Bronx that offer meals in the summer. 

Food Pantries 

Lists of pantries all around the Bronx.  

More Food Pantries 

More Food Pantries in the Bronx 

Plentiful App 

A free app and website to help find pantries near you and make reservations so you don’t have to stand in line. 

Too Good to Go App 

A free app that shows food places near you where you can buy leftover food at the end of the day from stores for cheap that would’ve rather been thrown out for no reason.  



Students who did not have the chance to get their High School Diplomas for whatever reason can get the high school equivalent, a GED, by taking a test.