My father was special to me because he had a heart of gold. He worked for A.E.C.O.M. as a mental health therapist for over 30 years. He would cook with my mom for the patients and coworkers. He would have people come and perform for the patients. He was a great father, grandfather and great grandfather. My siblings feel the same way I feel about him. Even though he’s in a better place and it hurts that he’s no longer here in the physical world, we’re grateful that we as a family have wonderful memories of the moments we spent with him. There are times that I see pictures and videos in Google photos pop up or listen to his jibaro music and I cry because I miss his voice, laughter or just spending time with him in Kings Harbor. He ascended into Heaven March 29, 2020. It hurt us not to be able to be with him as he went with the Lord and our loved ones.