The overall intent of New York City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) is to provide citizens and elected officials an opportunity to comment on pending land use matters.  In 1975 and again in 1989, the City Charter was amended and Section 197-c established ULURP.  It is administered by the Department of City Planning (DCP) and the City Planning Commission (CPC). ULURP is also one of the specifically noted Charter mandated responsibilities of the Borough President, who under the City Charter must maintain a Bureau of Planning. In the context of ULURP the Borough President (BP) offers recommendations and commentary pursuant to the specific application only after the Community Board in which the matters is located has taken action on the proposal. The BP may recommend approving the application, approve it with modifications, or disapprove the application.

2022 ULURP Documents

February 1, 2022Our Lady of PityDownload
March 22, 20224541 Furman Avenue Download
March 22, 20221930 Adee AvenueDownload
March 22, 2022EMS Station 17Download
May 19, 20221810 Randall Avenue RezoningDownload
June 3, 20221959 Strang AvenueDownload
June 27, 2022Bruckner Sites RezoningDownload
July 15, 2022Morris Heights NCPDownload
July 15, 2022Morrisania Open DoorDownload
July 15, 20222017 Grand ConcourseDownload
October 18, 2022Bruckner Sites Rezoning City MapDownload
November 30, 2022521 East Tremont Avenue RezoningDownload
December 1, 2022Pratt Avenue Retaining Wall and Roadway Reconstruction Download

2021 ULURP Documents

January 19, 20211099 Webster AvenueDownload
February 10, 2021431 Concord AvenueDownload
February 24, 2021261 Walton AvenueDownload
February 24, 2021Arthur Avenue Hotel RezoningDownload
March 9, 2021909 Castle Hill AvenueDownload
March 9, 202197 West 169th StreetDownload
March 15, 2021Melrose Open Door CB3Download
March 24, 2021361 City Island Avenue - Crab ShackDownload
March 29, 2021Melrose Open Door CB1Download
April 15, 2021St. Joseph's - 1949 Bathgate AvenueDownload
July 2, 2021Fordham Building CTAC Site SelectionDownload
August 9, 2021624 Morris AvenueDownload
August 24, 2021WIN PowersDownload
November 5, 2021Text Amendemnt re: Sidewalk CafesDownload
November 12, 2021NYPD Special Victims UnitDownload
December 2021660-668 East Fordham RoadDownload

2020 ULURP Documents

February 26, 2020Rikers Island Public Place MappingDownload

2019 ULURP Documents

December 17, 2019East 175th Street Bridge RehabilitationDownload
December 17, 2019East 180th Street Bridge RehabilitationDownload
December 10, 2019Baychester Avenue RezoningDownload
November 21, 2019Bridge Park SouthDownload
August 13, 2019DSNY Mechanic's FacilityDownload
July 29, 2019Staten Island and Bronx Special District Text UpdateDownload
July 5, 2019Borough Based Jail SystemDownload
April 28, 2019784 Courtlandt AvenueDownload
March 6, 2019Brook 156Download
February 20, 20192069 Bruckner Boulevard RezoningDownload
January 17, 2019Blondell CommonsDownload

2018 ULURP Documents

December 13, 2018Betances VIDownload
December 13, 2018Williamsbridge Rd. RezoningDownload
November 21, 2018Belmont CoveDownload
October 18, 2018East 241st Street RezoningDownload
October 18, 20184697 3rd AvenueDownload
August 13, 2018Mobile Food Vendor Inspection FacilityDownload
August 13, 2018599 CourtlandtDownload
July 30, 2018Hebrew HomeDownload
July 30, 2018Animal ShelterDownload
July 25, 2018LSSNY Early Life Child CenterDownload
July 25, 2018Watson Avenue Early Childhood CenterDownload
June 19, 2018LSSNY Early Life-Bronxworks Senior CenterDownload
March 22, 2018Edenwald YMCADownload
March 5, 2018Willow Avenue RezoningDownload
February 7, 2018Park HavenDownload

2017 ULURP Documents

December 19, 2017Spofford Campus ReconstructionDownload
November 27, 2017Jerome AvenueDownload
October 30, 2017425 Grand ConcourseDownload
October 12, 2017IOLA Jordan DCCDownload
September 25, 2017Sheltering Arms Child Care CenterDownload
September 13, 20171965 Lafayette AvenueDownload
September 13, 20171776 Eastchester AvenueDownload
August 7, 2017Special Harlem River Waterfront District ExpansionDownload
July 24, 2017Westchester Avenue Bridge ReplacementDownload
July 18, 20171675 Westchester AvenueDownload
June 29, 2017Lower Concourse North RezoningDownload
May 8, 2017Whitlock Avenue and East 165th Street RezoningDownload
April 26, 2017Baychester SquareDownload
March 23, 2017Watson Avenue RezoningDownload
March 23, 2017Unionport Bridge ReplacementDownload
March 3, 2017Westchester MewsDownload
February 23, 2017600 East 156th StreetDownload

2016 ULURP Documents

September 15, 2016Labor Bathgate Community CCCDownload
August 31, 2016Williamsbridge Rd.Download
August 15, 2016Concourse Village West RezoningDownload
August 11, 20161932 Bryant AvenueDownload
August 4, 2016Lambert Houses RedevelopmentDownload
July 28, 2016Westchester Square Branch LibraryDownload
July 10, 2016East 147th Street RezoningDownload
June 17, 2016La CentralDownload
March 20163276 Jerome AvenueDownload
February 8, 2016Woodlawn RezoningDownload

2015 ULURP Documents

November 10, 2015East Bronx Daycare CenterDownload
July 10, 2015Fordham Plaza Major ConcessionDownload
June 23, 2015City Island Water Supply/Drainage EasementDownload
June 1, 2015West Side FederationDownload
May 20, 2015ULURP Application Nos.: C 150303 ZSX, C 150306 HAXDownload
February 13, 2015ULURP Application Nos: C 150197 ZSX & N 150169 HAXDownload
February 2, 20151561 Walton AvenueDownload
January 12, 2015Melrose Commons North RFP Site CDownload

2014 ULURP Documents

April 20, 2014City Island BridgeDownload
June 14, 2014Grant Avenue Park DemappingDownload
August 20, 2014Five-Boroughs Shop RelocationDownload
December 20, 2014Library Lane City Map ChangeDownload

2013 ULURP Documents

December 23, 2013Disposition of 2 City-Owned PropertiesDownload
November 26, 2013Ponton Avenue DemappingDownload
October 30, 2013ArtsBridge Senior HousingDownload
October 2013St. Patrick’s HomeDownload
September 24, 2013Kingsbridge ArmoryDownload
July 15, 2013East Fordham RoadDownload
June 20, 2013731 Southern BoulevardDownload
June 13, 2013River PlazaDownload
February 14, 2013580 Gerard AvenueDownload

2012 ULURP Documents

November 13, 2012Tremont-Crotona Child Care CenterDownload
October 20, 2012CJSA Zerega HavemeyerDownload
August 12, 2012Ezekiel P. Rivers Learning Center & Bronxworks Senior CenterDownload
July 23, 2012Marconi Street Grade MappingDownload
July 20, 2012Soundview Partners ApartmentsDownload
June 5, 2012Highbridge Child Care Center and Senior CenterDownload
May 1, 2012Brook Avenue ApartmentsDownload
March 29, 2012Crossroads PlazaDownload
March 14, 2012Albert Einstein College of MedicineDownload
March 5, 2012West Tremont Senior ResidenceDownload

2011 ULURP Documents

October 25, 2011Hunts Point Alternative Fuel FacilityDownload
September 30, 2011Bronx River Arts CenterDownload
September 30, 2011El Rio ApartmentsDownload
August 10, 2011Williamsbridge-Baychester RezoningDownload
July 13, 2011Courtlandt Ave.Download
July 12, 2011Crotona Park East – West Farms RezoningDownload
January 12, 2011Courtlandt CrescentDownload
January 4, 2011Webster Avenue – Bedford Park – Norwood RezoningDownload
January 4, 2011Tiebout GreenDownload

2010 ULURP Documents

November 16, 2010Putnam GreenwayDownload
August 9, 2010The Crossings at Southern BoulevardDownload
August 9, 20103500 Park Avenue RezoningDownload
July 22, 2010Third Avenue – Tremont Avenue RezoningDownload
July 15, 2010High Hawk RezoningDownload
April 15, 2010West 169th St. De-mappingDownload
March 22, 2010SoBRO 1825 Boston RoadDownload
March 19, 2010Bronx River Art CenterDownload

2009 ULURP Documents

October 24, 2009Webster Commons RezoningDownload
July 13, 2009Five Star Child Care CenterDownload
June 25, 2009Social Security Administration Parking Lot ExpansionDownload
June 24, 2009East 161st Street RezoningDownload
May 19, 2009Lindenguild HallDownload