“Mayor Eric Adams’ State of the City address outlined a bold vision for what our city can become over the next year. With many important projects on our agenda this year, including reimagining the Kingsbridge Armory, investments in our parks and open spaces, the Metro-North Penn Access Project, the Hip-Hop Museum and the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center and much more, we must come together to ensure that these projects work for all of the residents of our communities. The Mayor spoke about prosperity for all New Yorkers, and these projects will be a large part of that agenda for The Bronx.

The Bronx has faced historical challenges that we continue to strive to overcome. Joining with the Mayor and the City Council, I know that we will be able to eliminate many of the barriers that still remain and affect many vulnerable Bronxites. We must also recognize our aging infrastructure and most recently, the increases in fires and building collapses. I will continue to advocate for more robust building inspections, more action to combat low quality lithium-ion batteries, and more engagement with our residents to ensure that these tragedies are prevented.”