Bronx, NY – On Tuesday, September 5th, 2023, Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson hosted an inaugural swearing-in ceremony for 145 of the Bronx’s newest Community Board Members at Lehman College located at 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West in the Music Building’s Faculty Dining Room. In prioritizing fairness, equity, and broader participation that mirrors the diversity within all 12 Community Boards, this year, the Borough President launched the Bronx’s first-ever online Community Board digital application made available in English and in Spanish.

“I am excited and energized about our new class of community board members who represent the rich diversity and mosaic of our borough,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “From single parents and caregivers to high school students, veterans’, LGBTQIA+ residents, and others who have a vested interest in seeing change in their communities. This entire group is ready and prepared to contribute in their new role to ensure that our neighborhoods run efficiently with all the resources and tools necessary to thrive. I look forward to this opportunity to work with our new and returning members to advocate for the needs of our residents and families.”

Out of New York City’s 59 Community Boards, 12 are in the Bronx with each playing a critical role in advising on Land Use & Zoning, New York City’s budget process, and in service delivery within a district. While the Borough President’s Office does not directly manage community boards, this year, efforts are being made to effectively onboard new members through courses and seminars available through the Office of the Bronx Borough President and city agencies to ensure the continued effectiveness of each district.

Out of a total of 548 that applied online, 145 were appointed by the Bronx Borough President to serve with each taking part in the Bronx’s first swearing in ceremony in decades.

Below is a demographic break-down of the new appointees:

Identity Percentage (Raw Count in Parentheses)

Parent / guardian of a child (Pre-K to 12 grade): 25.1% (35)
Immigrant: 13.6% (19)
LGBTQIA+: 8.6% (12)
Person with a disability: 7.1% (10)
Parent / guardian of a pre-school aged child: 5.7% (8)
Caregiver: 5.7% (8)
Veteran / military service: 5.0% (7)
Non-native speaker of English: 4.3% (6)
Union member: 2.8% (4)

Age Percentage (Raw Count in Parentheses)

30-39 years old: 25.1% (35)
40-49 years old: 21.5% (30)
20-29 years old: 18.7% (26)
50-59 years old: 17.2% (24)
60-69 years old: 8.6% (12)
70 years old and over: 4.3% (6)
18-19 years old: 2.1% (3)
16-17 years old (by April 1st): 1.4% (2)

Gender Identity Percentage (Raw Count in Parentheses)

Female: 60.4% (84)
Male: 38.816% (54)
Gender Non-conforming: 0.7% (1)