“Jordan Neely deserved better. He deserved adequate care and support in a moment of crisis – not vigilante “justice.” Jordan was failed by so many of our systems before boarding that train and experiencing a mental health crisis in public. Privacy is a luxury that more than 70,000 New Yorkers cannot afford, and the intersection of mental health and housing is undeniable as a mental illness can increase the likelihood of being housing insecure. This case is truly heartbreaking.

We need to have a deeper, more nuanced conversation about access to healthcare, affordable housing, and the allocation of funds. We need to invest in in-patient care so that our most vulnerable can receive assistance and not be met with violence amid crises. The individual responsible for taking Jordan Neely’s life must be held accountable and we are thankful to see charges brought forth by the Manhattan District Attorney which brings this family one step closer to justice for their loved one.”