Bronx, NY – Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson joined with students and educators at the Bronx Aerospace High School to present a check of $163,000 for technology upgrades to combat the digital divide in the borough. The $163,000 was part of a $14M allocation of funding for technology in schools across the Bronx.

“For far too long, Black and Brown students across our city have suffered as a result of the digital divide that persists in communities of color,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “Investing over $14 million towards laptops, 3D printers, robotics kits, WiFi, and more, will help prepare our students for future careers in technology, aviation, and other industries that currently do not reflect the diversity of our city. We are telling our youth that the sky is the limit and with this allocation of capital funding, we are helping to grant access to life-changing career opportunities. I want to thank Principal Jose Zayas of the Bronx Aerospace High School, Bronx High School Superintendent for Districts 8, 10, and 11, Fia Davis, Co-Founder and CIO of the Young Airmen’s Association – United Youth Aviators, Milton Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of the Young Airmen’s Association – United Youth Aviators, Clet Titus, and United Airlines Pilot, Captain Alan Forgenie for their tireless advocacy work and commitment to seeing our Bronx kids win academically and professionally.”

Clet Titus CEO of the United Youth Aviators spoke about the need to diversify the aviation industry with over 90% of pilots being white males across the country as of 2021. His non-profit is geared toward teaching youth from underserved communities, he said, “If you teach a kid to fly, they can overcome anything.” He was also joined by two youth graduates of the program.

Bronx Aerospace High School is a NYC Department of Education school serving grades 9 through 12. The curriculum incorporates technical training with concentrations in engineering, aviation, and computer science. Principal Zayas is working to re-establish strong partnerships and create unique opportunities centered on technology and aviation to create pathways for students to enter into various fields.