“During times of great challenge, New York has always stepped up to help support those in need. As our City has seen an increase in asylum seekers, it is important for us to share in this emergency crisis and ensure that we are all doing our part to assist. The City of New York is a right-to-shelter city and is legally required to provide temporary housing to those who enter our shelter system. As we continue to be overwhelmed with single adults and families in need of housing, the administration has decided to implement an option to provide temporary housing in certain designated locations starting with the Orchard Beach parking lot.

While this is not the ideal location and we have raised reasonable concerns, my team and I are working with the Adams administration to ensure that any site designated for our borough has wraparound services. These services must be provided in a dignified, humane, quality, and safe space that does not do further harm nor add burden to clients and families. Under these emergency circumstances, we will work together with the administration in a balanced and strategic manner to ensure the Bronx is not overburdened but rather an equal part of these important conversations moving forward.”