“As New Yorkers, we always step up to help our neighbors in times of crisis and the situation in Puerto Rico is no different. We are working with my colleagues in government and community-based organizations on the ground to identify ways to get immediate aid to the island after Hurricane Fiona made landfall on Sunday causing catastrophic damage only a few days prior to the anniversary of another horrific storm. These national disasters are a chilling reminder of the damaging effects climate change can have on our world and should be a call to action for government to ensure that Puerto Rico has what it needs to recover from both Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Maria. It is imperative that we work collectively to efficiently bring resources to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico and we will be sharing updates on how our residents can support these relief efforts. In the meantime, please continue to keep Puerto Rico in prayer and we will continue to urge the federal government to make the necessary changes to ensure this does not happen again.”