Earlier today, the City Council voted on Introduction 506-A, sponsored by Council Member Carlina Rivera (by the request of Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson), which will require the City to include information in the public education program about deceptive advertisements and misleading information provided by facilities in the City that falsely represent that they provide reproductive health services. These facilities are often referred to as crisis pregnancy centers.

“At a time in which access to abortion care in our country has been stripped away by the Supreme Court, it is important now more than ever to ensure women and birthing individuals are fully aware of the reproductive services that are available to them. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are deceptive and can cause detrimental harm to the well-being of a person seeking abortion services in our city and it is important we take immediate action to address the issue. I want to applaud Speaker Adrienne Adams, Council Member Carlina Rivera, the Women’s Caucus, and members of the New York City Council for passing Intro. 506-A that will increase transparency around so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers in our city and thank our birthing rights advocates who helped push this legislation forward.”