“Just like millions of other women across our nation, I am in a complete state of shock and anger today by the Supreme Court`s decision to overturn decades of progress made to ensure women had a right to access safe reproductive care without government interference. Today`s decision is a fundamental threat to reproductive freedom, bodily autonomy, and to our basic human rights in this country.

Abortion care is healthcare, and thanks to Roe v. Wade, millions of Americans have had access to reproductive care. Shame on this Supreme Court for overturning fifty years of progress in this country. Today’s decision is shameful and a slap in the face to our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and advocates who fought long and hard for reproductive freedom but we must use this moment in time to mobilize like never before.

Regardless of any decision made in Washington, we will always stand up for women and birthing individuals in our state and anyone else seeking abortion care. Today is a very sad day in our country.”