“I applaud Speaker Adrienne Adams, Finance Committee Chair Justin Brannan, and the other members of the New York City Council for voting to adopt the $101.1 billion FY` 2023 budget that works to support and uplift New Yorkers as we attempt to recover from the devastating impact COVID-19 had on our city. As we approach the summer months, I am deeply encouraged by the expansion of the Summer Youth Employment Program and Summer Rising which provides free academic enrichment programs for teens and young adults. Public safety was also a priority in the budget with $5 million being allocated for hate crimes prevention and response, $53.3 million to expand B-HEARD which dispatches mental health care providers to emergencies, and support was given to our Cure Violence organizations to defuse conflicts in our communities.

Furthermore, food insecurity was an issue before the pandemic and COVID-19 has only amplified this issue. I am encouraged by the investment in food pantries and food services such as Lantern Community Services which will provide food boxes to individuals and families. Health and wellness programs have also been prioritized which will assist in combating health inequities that persist in our borough and our Human Service Workers will finally receive the wages that they deserve.

I look forward to working closely with Mayor Eric Adams, Speaker Adrienne Adams, Finance Chair Justin Brannan, the New York City Council, and the entire Bronx Delegation in identifying other areas of concern as we move forward towards rebuilding and restoring our communities.”

Among the highlights are:

  • $75 million for Fair Fares that provides 800 thousand New Yorkers living under the federal poverty level with the opportunity to purchase Metro Cards at half price.
  • The NYC Department of Education is receiving $700 million in city funding coming to the Department of Education to offset the decline in federal funding is great news for city kids.
  • $11.2 million is also being allocated to the DOE for additional support to English Language Learners.
  • SYEP is receiving $79.4 million being baselined to expand the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) to 100K slots.
  • $277 million in free academic enrichment being provided through the Summer Rising Program providing youth with positive ways to spend their free time.
  • The NYC Parks & Recreation is receiving $44 million towards for their summer workforce and maintenance.
  • $4.1 million to support Urban Park Rangers.
  • 5 million for community-based hate crimes prevention and response programs.
  • $3 million for Maternal Medical Home and Obstetric Simulation.
  • $60 million for Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Human Services Providers to increase salaries for human service workers.
  • $55.3 million to expand B-HEARD
  • Community Safety and Victim Services Initiative: A new Speaker’s discretionary funding initiative that provides each Council Member with $100,000 to invest in holistic safety by supporting local community safety programs.