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Borough President Diaz reinstated The Bronx Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) this year, with a commitment to environmental justice and sustainability in the borough. The SWAB was originally conceived in 1989 as a recycling and solid waste initiative, but has since evolved into a broader and expansive environmental justice initiative, covering a range of different topics. The Bronx SWAB will seek to uphold and advance New York City’s Zero Waste by 2030 goal. Additionally, responsibilities of The SWAB will include providing policy input and engaging with local communities on all matters pertaining to environmental justice and sustainability.

“Since I first took office, environmental justice and sustainable development have been at the forefront of my agenda, and the reinstatement of The Bronx SWAB is a tremendous step towards achieving these priorities,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “I have long emphasized environmental initiatives of all sizes, including our work helping restore the parks along the Bronx River, piloting the City’s first heating oil conversion and solar thermal programs, investing in the cleanup of our borough’s brownfields, and fighting for equitable transportation access, such as the four new Metro-North stations that will be coming to The Bronx. I am encouraged by the direction our Borough is moving, and all the great work is being done to advocate for our climate.”

The Bronx SWAB is a volunteer, public organization comprised of an Executive Team, appointees from each Community Board, City Council representatives, and additional significant stakeholders throughout The Bronx. There will be further potential to form more specific committees as time goes on as well. The SWAB aims to be a driving force; that will continue to facilitate a coordinated approach to share the responsibility, spread awareness, encourage and empower youth participation, and continue elevating environmental justice as a principal policy focal point.

“We are at a critical point in addressing climate change and irreversible environmental issues and I am proud my office has brought back this important initiative. I look forward to working alongside our dedicated advisory board and volunteers who have incorporated environmental justice and sustainability issues across all facets of their daily lives,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

“I am genuinely enthusiastic about this reinstatement and look forward to being of service in my community. As a Bronx native I am inspired to address the systemic issues that have exposed our residents to toxic living environments for too long. As George Washington Carver said, ‘there is no such thing as waste…every part of the peanut has a use; it is up to us to discover it.’ I look forward to bringing this perspective to our collective work,” said Dior St. Hillaire, Chair of Bronx SWAB.

“I want to thank Borough President Diaz for this opportunity to serve. My region hosts the largest shoreline of our Borough and is most at threat for the negative impacts of climate change. Additionally, the poor quality of water remains a concern for many. By working through the SWAB, I’m hopeful we can begin to address some of these long-term issues,” said John Doyle, Treasurer of Bronx SWAB.

The Bronx SWAB meets on a monthly basis and is open to the public. To find out more information, you can view their Instagram account @bronx_swab or reach out to Deputy Director of Planning and Development, Alex Spatz at