“If we want to grow and preserve a diverse economy, not just in The Bronx but across the city, we must protect and strengthen our Industrial Business Zones (IBZ). Today’s announcement is encouraging. This ten point plan will help keep existing jobs in the city and offer new opportunities for expanded job creation through new training and funding programs, in addition to providing critical funding to expand business development while keeping the IBZ’s relevant in today’s economy. New restrictions on inappropriate use will also help keep our IBZ’s—Port  Morris, Eastchester, Hunts Point and Bathgate—attractive to modern manufacturing and other industrial growth, and this is a welcome development.

“However, if we are truly committed to the future vibrancy of the industrial core of The Bronx, then it is time for this administration to act and develop a plan to build a new facility for our Hunts Point food markets. While the $150 million provided for upgrades in Hunts Point will help protect our markets, the most critical infrastructure improvement our markets need is a new facility that combines each market in one central location and provides the refrigerated space they need to cut costs and reduce traffic. I remain committed to partnering with Mayor de Blasio and this administration on developing this proposal, but the time to act is now.

“Together, the food markets at Hunts Point represent one of the largest economic engines in the region. This administration must act on their long-term future,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.