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In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Klein & Diaz launch second annual Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor Program

BRONX, NY – Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester)Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and the Bronx Chamber of Commerce today announced free job training and certifications for victims of domestic violence through the Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor Program. The launch of the jobs program coincided with Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Senator Jeff Klein said: “All too often, victims of domestic violence lack the financial independence to leave harmful, and sometimes, life threatening relationships and start over for themselves and their children. The Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor Program is the first of its kind in the community and plays a significant role in creating a bridge to employment for victims of abuse who have felt disconnected from the workforce. I’m proud to provide life-changing opportunities for women who have suffered great hardship and I look forward to working together to help victims of domestic violence achieve long-term stability, success and financial freedom.”

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said: “As we grow our borough’s economy we must make sure we create jobs for everyone, including our most vulnerable populations. The Bronx H.I.R.E. initiative provides necessary training and other resources to help victims of domestic violence find employment and take steps towards financial independence, thereby allowing them to make a clean, permanent break from their abusers. As we launch the second year of this program, I want to thank State Senator Jeff Klein and the Bronx Chamber of Commerce for their continuing commitment to the Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor Program and the critical population it serves.”

With the inception of Universal Pre-Kindergarten and the need for two-income households in New York, the demand for qualified day care has never been greater. This year, the Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor program will work to provide free certifications and job placement for 10 victims of domestic violence.

The five-month training course will be conducted by Childcare Support Services in conjunction with the Children’s Corner Learning Center. The certification program will include a documented 120 hours of training, formal observation of an early child care professional, an oral interview, and written feedback via parent opinion questionnaires.

Curriculum will include lessons on how children learn and grow, positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development, steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual competence and much more. The comprehensive training course will be held at the Hutchinson Metro Center from October 19 to February 22, 2016.

Michelle Dolgow Cristofaro, executive director of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce said: “Sen. Jeff Klein’s grant allows us to assist domestic violence survivors in their return to the workforce and help them to achieve a life of self-sufficiency.  Under H.I.R.E, we will implement a comprehensive program for these women by providing them with skills to become employable in the workforce, and financially independent.”

Cecilia Gaston, executive director of the Violence Intervention Program said: “The Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor Program is one of the best examples of collaboration between government, nonprofits and the private sector.  We reach a survivor and help her a get a paid internship and help employers improve their policies and treatment of DV survivors.  It has the potential of changing the lives of everyone it touches.”

Margarita, domestic violence victim and Bronx H.I.R.E. survivor said: “The Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivor Program has opened so many new doors and given me the opportunity to create a stable, secure life for me and my family. With my new job, I look forward to going to work everyday and take great pride in knowing that I am able to provide for my little ones. Thank you Senator Klein, Borough President Diaz, the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and Teddy Nissan for your ongoing support and efforts to help victims of domestic violence across New York.”

MaryBeth Abrams, of the Children’s Corner Learning Center said: “Child Care Support Services is proud to hold a Child Development Associate (CDA) course at the Hutch Metro Center to help connect victims of domestic violence with good-paying jobs.  The CDA course offers training in education for children ages 0 to 5-years-old and will lead to a credential that is nationally recognized. This class is helping women who have not had the same opportunities and can further their career or jump start a career in the child care industry.”

The Bronx H.I.R.E. Survivors Program is a comprehensive job training program aimed connecting victims of abuse with full-time employment opportunities. The initiative is part of Senator Klein’s larger jobs program Bronx H.I.R.E. Since 2014, Senator Klein has secured $400,000 in state funding for the Bronx H.I.R.E. program.

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