Today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. released the final report of his Community Board District Office Management Taskforce, outlining various ways that the borough’s 12 Community Boards can work together to improve service delivery for the residents of the Bronx.

“Our community boards are often the first line of defense when it comes to our neighborhoods, be it concerns over new development, quality of life and the many other issues that the 1.4 million residents of this borough care about, and are focused on every day,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “This report outlines some new ideas that can make our borough’s community boards, which already play a major role in the lives of the people of the Bronx, even more relevant.”

“Like the City and Borough we are comprised of the role, image, and function of the Community Boards has changed and evolved over time.  Our charge from the Borough President has been to analyze the constantly evolving roll of the Community Boards and provide our recommendations to adapt this crucial element of our city governance to accurately reflect a modern dynamic,” said Jose Rodriguez, District Manager of Bronx Community Board #4 and chairman of the task force.  “As such, it is the assessment of this Task Force that the aforementioned recommendations take the most effective and cost efficient approach in ensuring the stability and function of the Community Boards while increasing services and the manner in which they are delivered.  The recommendations highlighted provide a multi-disciplined approach including policy, social service, and technology.  It is the belief of this Task Force that this multi-pronged approach is vital to promote the continued growth and success of our city and Borough.”

The full report features a number of recommendations regarding Bronx Community Boards and service delivery on a variety of topics, including land use, improved service delivery, board member training and improved social media use, in order to better inform both board members and the community at large.

The full report can be read at:

Under the New York City Charter, Community Boards have specific responsibilities relating to the delivery of municipal services, the city budget, land use and zoning.   The Taskforce will examine how the delivery of city services has changed over the last 10 years and make recommendations on how Community Boards can leverage these developments to improve oversight, execution and equity.

The duties of board member include participating in recommendations regarding city budget priorities that affect the social, economic, health and safety needs of the community.  Members also advise government agencies and elected officials on matters relating to the welfare of the district and its residents.