“Today’s ruling, which subjects the NYPD’s practice of ‘stop & frisk’ to the scrutiny of a court-appointed monitor, is a welcome step in the right direction towards meaningful reform of this important, yet often abused, police tactic. ‘Stop & frisk’ can be an effective tool in reducing crime, but not in its current form—which more often than not violates the Constitutional rights of those stopped, which is overwhelmingly young men of color.

“The opinion makes it clear that significant improvements need to be made in officer training and supervision.  This is an important opportunity for growth and improvement in how policing is done.  Many other cities and municipalities look toward the NYPD as the model to emulate.  We as a City can no longer defend these policies.

“We want safer streets, and we want to work with the police to make that happen. But that must be done in a way that is respectful of the communities the NYPD serves. Our relationship with the police must be based on trust, and not confrontation. I will work with the next mayor and his police commissioner to ensure that ‘stop, question & frisk’ is used in a more reasonably focused, precise, and Constitutionally appropriate manner,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.