“I would like to thank Officer Ivan Marcano for his act of heroism and professionalism in stopping an armed robbery last night on Harrison Avenue.

“Although Officer Marcano was wounded, he was still able to get the job done. I know I speak for all Bronxites in hoping for Officer Marcano’s speedy recovery. At the same time, we condemn these criminals who continue to commit such cowardly acts, which are putting the lives of our residents in danger.

“Ending gun violence has been a top priority of mine since I took office. Unfortunately, too many firearms end up in the wrong hands, despite our good work. I once again urge that we come together as one and unite to put an end to these senseless acts of violence, so we can better prevent these crimes and protect innocent people across our city and nation,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Illegal guns can also be reported to the police by calling 866-GUN-STOP. More information on the 866-GUN-STOP program can be found here.