“It is unfortunate, though not unexpected, that the mayor has chosen to file a lawsuit to block the implementation of the ‘Fair Wages for New Yorkers’ Act. This is an incredibly popular piece of legislation, and will guarantee that major projects built in this City work not only for their developers, but for the employees as well.

“I am confident in legality of the Act and that the Court will soundly reject the arguments made by the City. This legislation is sound economic policy that creates greater accountability and fundamentally changes how we do economic development in this city in a manner that’s in the best interest of all New Yorkers.

“The ‘Fair Wages for New Yorkers’ Act had the support of diverse coalition of city residents who believed that it was time for the city to provide a living wage for its workers The people of this City are on our side, and it is unfortunate that this administration has chosen to take their ongoing fight against this important piece of legislation to our court system,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.