“I applaud the Supreme Court in striking down three provisions of a state law whose primary purpose is ‘attrition through enforcement.’ As a county whose population is a third foreign born, and a borough with approximately half a million residents born overseas, developments in immigration law and policy are a high priority in my administration.

“In regards to the controversial, ‘show me your papers’ section of the legislation, the Supreme Court has taken a wait and see position, which is disappointing and alarming given the ever growing library of well documented civil rights violations of both citizen and noncitizens in Arizona as well as  across the country.

“Sadly, we do not need to wait and see if local law enforcement will abuse the new state mandate to verify the immigration status of those in custody. We do not need to wait and see that U.S. citizens will be improperly detained in Arizona.  We do not need to wait and see that both legal and illegal immigrants will be the subject of targeted, aggressive, and abusive law enforcement.

“The failure to strike down this provision shows us once again that living in a truly comprehensive America, where immigrants are treated with the humanity, fairness and dignity under the law is a Dream deferred,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.