The Department of City Planning has clarified that while they do not have the authority to extend the ULURP time period, the borough president is free to submit his recommendation, which will be considered non-complying under ULURP rules. Non-complying reports are still reviewed by the commission, and our report will be given that consideration. There is no deadline for our non-compliant report.

Prior to delivering his ULURP recommendations on the Kingsbridge Armory project, Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. feels it is necessary to speak with the project’s developer, the Related Companies, and gauge their feelings regarding the draft community benefits agreement that was delivered to the developer earlier this month. Borough President Diaz would also like to discuss the developer’s response with the stakeholders that helped to draft the aforementioned CBA.

Logistics made this process extremely difficult to complete by the deadline of August 24, thus making this delay necessary. Borough President Diaz understands that his report will be considered non-compliant, but feels that the negotiation of the CBA is too important to abide by today’s deadline.