The primary responsibility of the Bronx Topographic Bureau is to maintain the Borough Map, furnish copies of the Map, and relate data to City agencies and the general public. Per New York City Charter the Bronx Topographic Bureau consist of a Topographic Planner and Borough Engineer.

Contact & Hours

M-F 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

851 Grand Concourse, Room 206, Bronx, NY 10451


Ubaldo Escalante, Topographic Engineer, (718) 590-3047

Malik Murray, Topographic Planner, (718) 590-3823

Description of Services

House Number Verification

The Bureau of Topography provides verifications for both new and existing street addresses. Applications are dropped off at our desk. Applicant must bring the following:

  • Dept. of Buildings PW-1 form
  • Dept. of Finance RP-602 form (in the case of change of a lot)
  • $100 per street address*, certified check (bank only) or money order (bank or post office only), made payable to NYC Dept. of Finance
  • * The charge for vanity address is $2,500. A Vanity Address is a unique address that deviates from the existing street name and number system, typically related to the name of the project, location, or nearby structure. An example of a vanity address would be 11 Penn Plaza, previously known as 393 7th Avenue.

Click Here to Print Application Form.

Legal Status of Streets

The Bureau of Topography maintains and provides access to the following records related to the legal status of streets in The Bronx:

Record Maps show the current comprehensive locations of street lines and legal grades. Blocks are located on a grid with monuments installed for survey purposes. Coordinate values for the monuments are related to a common point of origin.

Title Maps show the city ownership or dedication to public use of mapped streets.

Bench mark maps and data show the location of elevation bench marks for use in surveying.

Alteration Maps are changes to the city map which when filed become part of the city map.

Damage Maps describe property taken for street or highway purposes.
Copies of the above records can be reproduced.

Large Format Xerox

General Map – Borough of The Bronx
$1.00 (each)*

Record Map (monument or grade sheets)
$4.20 (each)*

Other Maps on File
$1.20/ sq ft*

Other Information on File
$0.25 (each)*

Map Collections

The Topographic Bureau houses a large map library featuring maps of many different types. All maps are available to the public for reference and/or reproduction at our Topography Desk. Charges apply for photocopies; prices can be found above.

In addition, we provide visual access to our three most commonly referenced map collections online. To view unprintable PDFs of section maps from the following collections, please click the appropriate link:

Title Maps 
Grade Maps
Monument Maps