Fiscal Year 2020 Capital Budget Process

The office is no longer accepting Letters of Intent for Fiscal Year 2020.

For Fiscal Year 2019 allocations, click here.

The Office of the Bronx Borough President is mandated by Sections 211 and 249 of the New York City Charter to receive and disburse a discretionary capital allocation every fiscal year. The amount of funds available to the Borough President is determined by the physical size and population of the borough, as well as the City’s capital budget for that fiscal year.

The Borough President’s discretionary capital funds are not allocated directly from the Borough President’s Office. Instead, any allocation made by the Borough President is placed as a line item in the budget of the appropriate agency’s budget [i.e. any monies for a child care center would fall under the purview of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)]. After the city’s budget process is completed, funds are awarded on July 1st. All awardees should work directly with the specific agency associated with their allocation, as well as with the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), to confirm their allocation, track its progress and ensure receipt of their capital allocation monies.