BRONX, NY – On February 7, 2023, Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson and Deputy Borough President Janet Peguero were awarded the Key to the City by the Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo West, in recognition of their efforts and contributions to the development of the Dominican community in the Bronx.

“We are grateful to Mayor José Andújar for this incredible recognition and hospitality,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “Every day I am reminded of the rich diversity in our Borough, which includes over 350,000 Dominicans who call the Bronx home. Lasting changes are made in collaboration, and I believe this friendship and partnership will bear much fruit for the Dominican community in New York as well as in the Dominican Republic.”

“Recognitions are always exciting, but to receive recognition from la familia, here in the Dominican Republic, is special and worth more than anything,” said Deputy Borough President Janet Peguero. “It is impressive and inspiring to see how much Mayor Andújar has been able to accomplish in such a short time. We look forward to emulating the initiatives and protocols implemented in Santo Domingo West, here in the Bronx.”

Since taking office as Mayor of Santo Domingo Oeste, José Andújar has initiated several initiatives and projects that have improved the quality of life throughout the municipality. Among them are a clean streets initiative, intended to create open spaces where residents can safely congregate while simultaneously helping small business owners register their businesses and prosper in their respective communities.

The Bronx Borough President’s Office congratulates Mayor José Andújar for his accomplishments and leadership; and expresses sincere gratitude to him for his partnership and recognition.