“In his preliminary budget announcement, Mayor Adams outlined his agenda for the City with a focus on an equitable recovery for all. Our Mayor continues to put forward policy proposals that have a real impact on the lives of everyday New Yorkers. He outlined his vision to streamline city services and presented an overall plan for moving our city forward.

As we work to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is up to us on the local, state and federal level to develop plans to keep us moving in the right direction. Yesterday, Mayor Adams did just that, and as Bronx Borough President, I was most interested to hear about:

Keeping Our Streets Safe: Public safety has always been at the forefront of Mayor Adams’ agenda, and it is a significant issue in our borough. Residents have a fundamental right to feel safe in their neighborhoods but unfortunately we know this is not the case for many New Yorkers. The proliferation of guns in communities of color has become an epidemic in our City and I am encouraged that the Mayor plans to prioritize housing, mental health services, education and quality of life issues that impact public safety.

Summer Youth Employment: With the announcement of a baseline funding of $100,000 for summer youth jobs, including $90,000 through the SYEP program, our young people will have opportunities to gain new skills and be better prepared for the future. The expansion of the SYEP program demonstrates a real commitment from Mayor Adams and his administration to ensuring our youth have access to resources and opportunities that will prepare them for the future. SYEP has a proven track record of empowering our youth by decreasing their likelihood of being justice-involved and by providing them with hands-on job experience. I supported this initiative in the City Council and I am proud to continue my support for this important program as Bronx Borough President.

Fair Fares: The announcement of guaranteed funding for the Fair Fares program will ensure that for the first time since the program’s rollout, low-income New Yorkers will have access to affordable MetroCards at a 50% discounted rate. Many Bronxites rely on public transportation to travel across the city, and with this announcement, we are one step closer to achieving transit equity in the Bronx. I am proud to have supported Fair Fares in the City Council, and I will continue to advocate for programs that will make public transit more accessible and affordable.

We have a lot of work ahead of us in the coming weeks, but I remain committed to working with Mayor Adams and his administration to advocate for the needs of our borough. An equitable recovery for New York City cannot be possible if the Bronx is not included in that conversation.”