“I am happy to learn that FEMA has reversed their previous decision and will extend Temporary Shelter Assistance for Puerto Rican families who have been forced to relocate to New York City after being displaced from their homes over six months ago due to the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

“We saw this week just how fragile the infrastructure of Puerto Rico really is, after a small construction accident caused an island-wide blackout. We cannot in good conscience send these families back to Puerto Rico when the recovery effort is nowhere near complete and the island is simply not ready to accept them.

“While FEMA’s actions today are welcoming words to the families here in New York City, this is only a temporary solution. The 3.5 million American citizens who call Puerto Rico home need a permanent recovery, and the federal government needs to deliver for them,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

In December 2017, Borough President Diaz issued a report, “Left In The Dark: An Action Plan for Puerto Rico’s Future 100 Days After Hurricane Maria,” outlining an action plan for the short and long term recovery of the island of Puerto Rico.

The report can be read at http://on.nyc.gov/2CdEH9d.