“After learning about the inappropriate and over-extended usage of LinkNYC kiosks throughout the city, in particular in Manhattan, it is time to make adjustments that will allow all of our city residents to use this service safely and comfortably.

“In order to prevent the usage of these kiosks for unsavory purposes, and to allow for the highest level of individual users of the tablets included in theses kiosks, the city should prevent over-extended usage of the kiosks by requiring registration and by placing a time limit on how long a subscriber can use one, much like the technology used by unlimited MetroCards that prevent a rider from using the same card for at least 18 minutes. The technology is there for us to use, and it would allow more residents access to use these booths while preventing camping and behavior unsuitable for a public street.

“The purpose of the physical use of the kiosks is for subscribers to be able to make free domestic calls, provide USB charging ports to charge up phones and tablets, provide Internet access, and for emergency services. Such adjustments can be made without in any way hindering the connectivity these kiosks were designed to provide.

“I strongly believe that these services are another giant step forward towards providing better communication access for all of our city residents, and are an important part of our continued push for social and technological equality. However, now is the time to make the necessary adjustments to provide technological access while preventing less than wholesome usage,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.