Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has released a new report outlining the positive effects the future redevelopment of the Special Harlem River Waterfront District will have on The Bronx.

As noted in the report, the redevelopment of the Special Harlem River Waterfront District (SHRWD)—located between East 138th and East 149th Streets—will bring no less than $500 million in new development to The Bronx, creating more than 3,500 new jobs and more than 1,500 new units of housing of all types.

“The Special Harlem River Waterfront District has the potential to totally transform an underutilized section of The Bronx while also creating new waterfront recreation opportunities for the entire borough. This report outlines many of the ways this development could help our continued efforts to build the ‘New Bronx,’ and will spark even more interest in the future of our waterfront,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

“This district is ripe for developers and small businesses alike to create a thriving, new community just a stop away from Manhattan. I look forward to working with all interested parties to bring new life to the Special Harlem River Waterfront District,” said Marlene Cintron, President of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation.

Last month, Borough President Diaz discussed the future of the SHRWD in his annual “State of the Borough” address.

“Given all of this new development, we have to do more to influence growth. That means continuing to implement our conceptual master plan for the redesign of The Bronx. That means smart, sensible planning—planning with a purpose—that makes the most of our available amenities. It is time for the creation of a new waterfront district along the Harlem River between 138th and 149th Streets, one that would lead to development similar to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Bronxites should have quality waterfront access, and this project could make that happen,” said Borough President Diaz in his speech.

The report can be read here: