Press Releases

Testimony of Borough President Diaz
Before the City Council’s Transportation Committee
RE: Reso No. 15/Bruckner-Sheridan Expressway

Since the award of a federal grant from the United States Department of Transportation in 2010, the South Bronx community has worked intensively with city agencies, including our office, to develop a vision for the Sheridan Expressway and surrounding neighborhoods.  The Sheridan Hunts Point Land Use and Transportation Study was pursued in response to community calls for new development opportunities, better access to the Bronx River waterfront and safer, more livable streets.

Following numerous public meetings and a comprehensive discussion with all local community interests, including those affiliated with the Hunts Point Market, a vision for the Bruckner and Sheridan Expressways was achieved in the spring of 2013.  The highlights of this vision include:

The New York City Department of Transportation’s extensive modeling has shown that these benefits could be realized with no negative impact on regional travel.  The model shows that travel time for most drivers in the study area would improve with these changes, and that there would be no backup onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, the area’s most congested roadway.

The changes have the possibility of transforming the South Bronx by opening up new development opportunities and greatly improving quality of life and business climate.  After over two decades of discussing the future of this highway, the time has come to take action.  I look forward to working with the City Council pursuant to Reso No. 15 to implement these study recommendations.

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