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Statement from Borough President Diaz
RE: Supreme Court Ruling on Defense of Marriage Act

"Today's ruling on the defense of marriage act is a huge victory for civil rights in this nation. The government has no business regulating love, and I am thrilled that the Supreme Court agrees.

"DOMA has always been bad legislation, and this ruling is a great step for the future of thousands of New Yorkers and other LGBT individuals across the United States who are married or who have the freedom to marry to have the same federal rights, benefits, and recognition as my own marriage.

“Individuals who love one another should not be denied the benefits of marriage and the Supreme Court’s monumental decision proves that this country is working towards protecting the marriage rights of all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

In March, Borough President Diaz expressed his opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act and came out in support of Marriage Equality. Read that statement here.  





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