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Statement from Borough President Diaz
RE: Federal Court Ruling on Stop & Frisk

“The NYPD needs to reassess and revisit their training methods in order to implement programs that residents find helpful, such as ‘Trespassing Affidavit Program,’ in a manner that does not impinge upon state and federal constitutional rights

“I am opposed to the NYPD’s ‘stop & frisk’ program as it is currently constituted.  Yet I know that my constituents have expressed to my office in our 2011 quality of life survey that greater police presence was a high priority to them. In addition, I hear from constituents all the time that they value the ‘Trespassing Affidavit Program,” which could be greatly affected by today’s ruling.

“Not all stops are misused, but many are. I prefer a return to a ‘stop, question & frisk’ program as we had in the past, as it would provide for greater investigation by our police prior to physical contact. The NYPD needs to address policies that will reconcile the desire for greater police presence without the fear of harassment, and I am prepared to work with our police department on such a plan,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.







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