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Statement from Borough President Diaz re: New York State Education Testing Analysis

“Today’s statements from both State Education Commissioner David Steiner and Daniel Koretz, a testing expert and professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, all point to the reality that previous data used by the City’s Department of Education showing record improvement in our public schools is, in many cases, unreliable. While the City will point to these rising test scores as evidence that the system is working, the results of the National Assessment of Education Progress indicate that achievement in our schools is stagnant at best, and that our State scores are skewed too high.

“Today’s findings show that the State’s assessment test, as it is currently constituted, is a poor measure of the achievement of our students. This is a very important first step in truly realizing where our students really are academically, and how we can best prepare them to compete in today’s global economy.

“Also, as we raise the standards for our students let us as at the same time raise the level of support as well.  As standards are raised more students will need additional academic interventions, and we must as a State and City provide those resources to our schools and students.  Raising standards is not in itself the sole answer, we must also give our schools the needed resources, options and supports to give our students the world class education that they deserve,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

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