Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Budget Process
Capital Projects: Non-City-Owned/Non-City Property


Request letters for Fiscal Year 2019 are being accepted.
Deadline:  January 15, 2018

Late December: Capital Funding Application Available

Date has yet to be determined: Deadline for organizations to submit CapGrants applications seeking Borough President funding (including those seeking both Borough President and Council funding)


FY19 Non-City Capital Project Application


For the Cultural Affairs Form, please follow the Cultural Affairs link below.



OMB requires a minimum 10-year lease for capital funding to be eligible on non-City-owned leased properties. All other projects on non-City-owned property must be owned by the organization applying for funding.

In making a request to the Office of the Bronx Borough President, please note that the office will only communicate with representatives who work for the organization applying.  There will be no communication with consultants, lobbyists or other external representatives regarding the request.





Cultural Affairs

All Other Non-City Capital Projects:

In addition, applicant submissions must include the items below, as per the Office of the Bronx Borough President. Some of these requirements may be part of the OMB Guidelines, but please be sure to include these with your submission:

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