“It has long been a priority of mine to ensure that our students are prepared for higher education and the workforce, and doing so requires equal access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in our public schools,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “Today’s announcement of expanded CTE options for public school students is a welcome one, though we still have considerable work to do in this regard.”


Borough President Diaz added, “In my discussions with Chancellor Carranza, as well as in a report released by my office, I have stressed the need to expand meaningful CTE options to students in every corner of our city. I appreciate that he is listening. However, the Department of Education must do even more to make meaningful technical education options available to students in every community in our city.”


In October Borough President Diaz released a report, “Programming New York City Students for Success,” which outlines an expanded view of computer science education in New York City public schools.


The report offers multiple recommendations to expand and improve computer science education in New York City schools, such as increasing the overall number of class hours required for computer science learning in city schools; creating a standard computer science curriculum and working with educators and industry leaders to keep it up-to-date; and enacting a project-based requirement for computer science education as a requirement for high school graduation. These recommendations are designed to address the gender, race, and socio-economic gaps in access to computer science education.


The full report can be read at https://on.nyc.gov/2Nq9tNC.