Donate 600 ofo bikes to address transportation and mobility challenges for those in need

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan. 17, 2018 — ofo, the world’s leading station-free bike-sharing company, and the JJ Barea Foundation, Dallas Mavericks player JJ Barea’s organization that offers economic assistance to non-profit entities in Puerto Rico, today announced a partnership in support of Hurricane Maria recovery efforts on the island. As part of this collaboration, ofo donated 600 bikes to be distributed throughout Puerto Rico, where public transportation is still severely limited and city infrastructures remain substantially damaged.

The 600 ofo bikes were recently shipped to Puerto Rico, where the Foundation received, stored, and assembled with guidance and training from ofo. Together, ofo and the Foundation will host demonstrations at an event today in San Juan on how to operate and maintain the bikes. The ofo bikes will be distributed among the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico and Communities Along Martín Peña Channel.

“Philanthropy has always been at the core of our business, and we’re grateful that this donation of ofo bikes is able to assist in some small way in Puerto Rico’s recovery,” said Chris Taylor, ofo’s head of North America. “We applaud the JJ Barea Foundation for all its hard work and support in the hurricane relief efforts and we’re honored to partner with such a generous and dedicated organization.”

JJ Barea is a Puerto Rican-born professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks in the National Basketball Association. Barea and his Foundation have demonstrated unwavering support for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and he has been active in relief efforts and a regular presence in Puerto Rico over the past few months.

“Puerto Rico is home. My family, friends and community are there, and they still need a lot of help to recover from such a devastating hurricane, which is why I’m so thankful for this truly thoughtful donation from ofo and powerful partnership with my Foundation,” said Dallas Mavericks Player JJ Barea. “Hurricane Maria destroyed many of our roads, people are without cars, and public transportation is limited, so getting around the island and having access to everyday necessities is still a big challenge. These 600 bikes will go a long way in assisting Puerto Rico’s rehabilitation, and I appreciate ofo for making that happen.”

Several U.S. elected officials, who have been heavily involved and supportive of hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, commended ofo and the Foundation for their donation and commitment, including:

“The people of Puerto Rico need every bit of help they can get to recover from Hurricane Maria’s devastation. These 600 bikes donated by Ofo will help alleviate the transportation nightmare the storm has wrought on the island, and I thank Ofo, JJ Barea and his foundation for thinking of the people of the commonwealth and donating this critical relief. As Puerto Rico continues its ongoing recovery, it will be up to all of us to make sure the island comes back strong. Through donations such as this, we can start to do just that.” -Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz

“The partnership between the JJ Barea Foundation and Ofo to provide 600 bikes to the people of Puerto Rico is a tremendous humanitarian act. Access to transportation through the donated bikes will help address the huge lack of transportation caused by Hurricane Maria, that has left residents stranded for months. I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico several times since September and I’ve seen the suffering firsthand. I commend the ingenuity and compassion jointly harnessed by the JJ Barea Foundation and Ofo to take action for transportation access in Puerto Rico.” -New York City Council Member Fernando Cabrera

“Puerto Rico’s road to recovery after Hurricane Maria remains long and filled with challenges, which includes the task of rebuilding a public transportation system amidst a crumbling infrastructure. The generous donations of 600 bikes to be part of a bike-sharing program throughout Puerto Rico will help the relief efforts and provide an alternative form of transportation on the island. I commend Ofo and the JJ Barea Foundation for their humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico.” -New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera

“We greatly appreciate the generosity of our basketball icon Jose Juan Barea and his foundation, which is helping to rebuild Puerto Rico. Our island is still in need and we still face aftermaths of hurricane Maria everyday. Every kind of contribution is important to boost relief efforts. Thanks to the ofo company for this generous donation that will aid our people and our island. After the hurricane, the spirit of Puerto Ricans continues to stand strong and united.” -Puerto Rico Representative Jenniffer González-Colón, Resident Commissioner