“Today’s vote by the FCC to roll back Net Neutrality is a complete catastrophe. Technology, data and free access to both is ingrained into every facet of our lives, and this vote is the first step towards an impending system crash for New York City and in fact the entire nation. Congress needs to intervene to protect freedom and preserve equal access to the Internet.
“If the Republican-led Congress should refuse to act, New York State, including the Public Service Commission, should analyze what can be done now that the FCC has failed to protect a free and fair Internet. This should include the creation of a ‘State Uniform Telecommunication Code’ where states can together create a single standard for ISPs that protects the rights of consumers and the principles of Net Neutrality.
“It’s time to ask the question: ‘How can states protect Net Neutrality and a free Internet?,’” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.