FY2018 Capital Funds will help create more than 1,500 new affordable units across The Bronx

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. announced today that his office has allocated more than $7 million in capital funds for 10 housing developments across The Bronx, creating more than 1,500 new affordable units in neighborhoods across the borough.

“Our latest capital funding allocation shows our continued commitment to maintaining and building affordable housing, a promise I have strived to keep since the first day that I became borough president,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “This year’s allocations will help a wide range of individuals find and keep an affordable home, right here in The Bronx. I look forward to continuing to build on all of these great successes, in our housing sector, as our borough continues its positive transformation.”

Highlights in this year’s capital budget include $500,000 to New Destiny Housing to build units for survivors of domestic violence and $750,000 for Second Farms Affordable Housing, a project focused on finding quality housing for the formerly homeless in partnership with Catholic Charities.

This year’s capital allocations will fund a total of 1,589 new units of affordable housing. In all, since 2009, Borough President Diaz has invested $51,879,000 in capital funding towards affordable housing across The Bronx, helping to create 7,772 new affordable housing units.

“We understand our resident’s need for affordable housing, as the cost of living continues to trend upward in our city,” said Borough President Diaz. “By far, the greatest volume of constituent requests received by my office is for housing assistance. Funding these upcoming projects addresses some of these housing issues we face, as we continue to build on the successes we have seen last few years in our great borough.”

This year, Borough President Diaz’s office has provided $58,718,000 in total capital dollars across 146 projects. Since coming to office in 2009, Borough President Diaz has provided $248,646,000 in total capital funding to 725 projects.

A complete list of Borough President Diaz’s capital allocations towards housing in FY 2018 can be found at http://on.nyc.gov/2tDB8lo.