Borough President Diaz Negotiates Agreement Between Cablevision and BronxNet

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  • Borough President Diaz Negotiates Agreement
    Between Cablevision and BronxNet

    Today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. announced that, following months of negotiations mediated by himself and his staff, Cablevision and BronxNet have reached an agreement that will ensure that the Bronx has a strong public access service for the next decade.

    This agreement will provide BronxNet with the financial support to upgrade its technology and greatly expand the network’s services to Bronx residents, including high-definition broadcasting, video-on-demand capabilities and other considerations.

    “For many months, my office has been working hard to facilitate an agreement between Cablevision and BronxNet, and I am thrilled that these negotiations have been a success. This agreement gives BronxNet the tools to greatly expand their ability to serve our borough while also showcasing Cablevision’s commitment to serving the people of the Bronx as a good corporate citizen. This new agreement is a victory for all involved, and I am proud to have helped make it happen,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

    “Cablevision is proud of our history of providing every Bronx resident with access to the most advanced cable television, phone and high-speed Internet products, and of our more than 20-year record of support for BronxNet,” said Lisa Rosenblum, Cablevision’s executive vice president of government and public affairs. “We are pleased to have reached an agreement that continues our support of public access in The Bronx and are thankful for the strong leadership of Bronx Borough President Diaz in this process.”

    “Our negotiations with Cablevision have been long and complex and if it were not for the leadership of Borough President Ruben Diaz, we would not have had a successful outcome. The Bronx deserves up to date studios with accessible community programming, and BronxNet will be able to continue to provide that. This agreement with Cablevision is fair and will allow us to move forward,” said Paul T. Gentile, Board Chairman, BronxNet.

    “We have an agreement with Cablevision that will allow BronxNet to upgrade technology and provide the level of services it has long desired for Bronxites. BronxNet thanks Borough President Diaz for his unwavering support for media access and training for independent community based programming in the Bronx. We also thank the viewers, access producers, students, and community leaders that have raised their voices in support of BronxNet,” said Michael Max Knobbe, Executive Director, BronxNet.

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