Research finds that four borough schools slated for closure did not “meet standard criteria for closure” by the Department of Education’s own measurements.

Today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. issued a letter to David C. Chang, chairperson of the Panel of Educational Policy, questioning the proposed closure of four schools in the Bronx by the Department of Education.

Borough President Diaz noted in the letter that the four schools have been deemed “proficient” by the Department of Education’s own measures, and do not seem to have been in danger of closure for performance reasons.

“After reviewing the Educational Impact Statements, Progress Reports and Quality Reviews for the seven Bronx schools proposed for phase out I have found inconsistencies within the Department’s own measurement standards that I believe call for further review,” said Borough President Diaz. “Four of the seven Bronx schools slated for closure should not be closed according to the DOE’s own accountability standards. I am calling for the Panel for Educational Policy to review all of these proposals fully and address publicly each and every instant where facts do not align before casting their votes on these matters at the January Panel For Educational Policy meeting.”

The four schools in question are Columbus High School, the School for Community Research and Learning, Frederick Douglass Academy III and Global Enterprise High School.

Borough President Diaz added that he understood that tough decisions must be made, and that some school closures are warranted. With that said, the borough president added that the Department of Education needs to adequately explain their school closure process, especially when their own data seems to contradict their decisions.

“I understand that at times difficult choices need to be made in the best interest of addressing the needs of our students. I will never hesitate to support such measures that would help improve the quality of education for our youth. I am carefully looking into each of the seven proposed school closures, listening to all facts and demanding answers where the facts do not fall in line with the recommendation,” said Borough President Diaz.

Download a copy of the letter.